About Fuzzy Android

Fuzzy Android Press is the proud publisher of the lighthearted speculative fiction of D.L. Morrese. His unique blending of a science fiction perspective in a fantasy-like setting requires its own imprint, and we’re it. His first two books, The Warden Threat and The Warden War, are a great place to begin. Together, they tell an entertaining, thoughtful, and often humorous tale of looming war, subversion, and a frightening magical weapon.

Take a trip to a time not very long ago to a planet not terribly far away (from a galactic perspective). Spend a few enjoyable hours in a well-conceived alternate world populated with interesting and endearing characters. It’s a great place to visit, and these books are your ticket there.

What people are saying about the books:

  • “it’s laugh-out-loud funny…the grammar is refreshingly precise and the vocabulary, well, scrumptious” ~ Maria T. Violante “Write, Read, Review” on The Warden Threat
  • “…shows the influence of Terry Pratchett in style and current events in the overall plot. The book is easy to read, but hardly simplistic…Occasionally laugh out loud funny.” ~ Review by M. A. Goethe “Margaret” on The Warden Threat
  • My favorite element was the development of Donald’s character as he undergoes the hero’s journey – I look forward to seeing what other adventures he will face with his friends.” ~ P.H.C. Marchesi on The Warden Threat
  • “It passed my 5-star test, which means I would pick it up and read it again…. I loved the characters…. This book pokes fun at just about everything. Not only at your typical fantasy adventure story.” ~ wilovebooks Reviews on The Warden Threat
  • “It’s a skillfully executed work by a talented author with a unique voice.” ~ Tahlia Newland on The Warden Threat
  • “D.L. really makes a world you can believe in with his writing. …the story is so engaging and plausible that I really felt like it could have happened.” ~ Kate Policani on The Warden War
  • “The Warden War’ sucked me in … and I really cared about the characters and what happens next. For me, the success of a novel is driven by the story and ‘The Warden War’ is a great story! I highly recommend this to any reader who enjoys SciFi or Fantasy. I can’t wait for his next book. ~ Gary Clarke