Defying Fate

DefyingFateCoverRev15A young prince is touring the countryside when he learns that the neighboring kingdom is preparing to unleash an awesome magical weapon. His father, the king, has also heard this and is preparing for war. Prince Donald wants to help, but he is not remotely qualified. As the third royal son, he has not been trained to lead. He has no experience in diplomacy. He has never been in a fight or even in a serious argument before. As his experienced guide suggests, his best course of action is to return home to the castle and let his father handle things. This is not what he decides to do.

Defying Fate is an enjoyable science fiction parody of epic fantasy adventure stories. Set on a planet much like earth, this tale follows the exploits of Prince Donald of Westgrove as he discovers that the true nature of the threat to his kingdom is not what his father, the king, believes it to be. With the assistance of his cynical guide, a goodhearted bodyguard, a beautiful messenger, and a couple of ancient androids, he tries to prevent three nations from going to war.

This humorous and thought provoking tale of a young man’s quest to find himself and save his country is not your typical adventure story. Technically science fiction, Defying Fate is almost an anti-fantasy, which pokes a fair amount of good-natured fun at the serious tone and dependence on magic common to many epic fantasy adventure novels. Often insightful and frequently funny, it is a perfect break for readers of these and other genres looking for something fresh and different.

Defying Fate is a Kindle exclusive available only from Amazon. Although The Warden Threat and The Warden War are also sold separately as e-books and trade paperbacks, Defying Fate provides the full text of both novels in one convenient and bargain-priced download — and it does so without destroying any trees, although a few million electrons, regrettably, will be temporarily enslaved.

This e-book is available in Kindle format (translated from the original Westgrovian into American English) in the following countries. Click the one that suits you best and enjoy the journey.

If, however, you are electronically challenged, or if you simply prefer paper, information on how to get both Warden books in print is available on the appropriate tabs on this site.

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