The Elsewhere Gate

The Elsewhere Gate

Two students from modern America are plunged into a strange world with unknown creatures, airships, and money based on magic — a place where almost everyone has magic but few have much money.  Here, a covetous moneylender pursues them because he believes they hold the key that will open new worlds for him to exploit.

The Story:

Tom is working as a landscaper at a private estate in Florida to earn money for college. When a sudden summer storm blows in, Amanda, the sensible daughter of a quirky professor, invites Tom into her father’s lab to wait it out. A lightning strike later, they find themselves in a strange world with unknown creatures, airships, and money based on magic—a place where although almost everyone has magic, oddly few have much money.

Tom soon discovers that his newfound magical abilities are dangerous to use if you don’t know what you’re doing. After his first clumsy attempt, he and Amanda end up in the care of three witches who run a soup kitchen. The witches, true to their calling to care for the poor, take them in and begin instructing them. The two young students are motivated by the fear that there is no way to return home, and there is much they need to know if they are to survive here.

Unfortunately, they may not have much time. Their inexplicable arrival has attracted the unwelcome attention of covetous Lord Wilcraft, grandmaster of the moneylenders’ cartel and leader of the Syndicate. Its sole purpose is to promote business and increase profits, and it’s the closest thing to a government this place has. Under Wilcraft’s direction, the Syndicate is building its own Elsewhere Gate, a magical device similar to the technological one created by Amanda’s father. Wilcraft believes the Gate will open new worlds for him to exploit. He also believes that Tom holds the secret that will finally make it work. He is determined to capture Tom, and he is not above hurting those who have befriended Tom and Amanda to do so.

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